Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a form of one-on-one spiritual mentorship with a long history of helping people to deepen in their spiritual life. Despite the unfortunately bossy sounding implication of the term “spiritual director,” it is always you, the client, who sets the priorities each session. Most sessions will be some combination of spiritual dialogue and guided practice. We start by clarifying and evaluating where you are at and what you would like to work towards. Then we do some actual practice together based on what we identified in the dialogue. By doing spiritual practice with a spiritual guide in a private one-on-one setting you are able to receive expert real-time guidance based on what is happening moment-by-moment in your inner experience. This is one thing that makes spiritual direction different than a meditation group or prayer service. While group spiritual practice is wonderful for tapping into the power and support of community, one-on-one direction can be much more targeted and effective for bringing you toward breakthroughs in your practice.

What is My Approach to Spiritual Direction?

Commonly, spiritual direction is rooted in a single specific religious tradition. However, my professional training and my own spiritual practice is deeply eclectic and inter-faith. I believe that as modern spiritual travellers, we can learn from the wisdom of the past while also exploring and discovering new ways of pursuing a rich spiritual life. My clients tend to be people who are either members of liberal religious communities or those who identify as spiritual but not religious. I also work with many clients who identify as either secular, atheist, or agnostic. The common factor that brings people to me is an interest a deep meditative, mystical, and contemplative approach to spiritual practice. I focus on working with those who wish to deeply explore spiritual life while remaining engaged in the modern world and committed to progressive values and critical thinking.

How does it Work?

Spiritual direction sessions can be in-person in downtown Toronto, or long distance via Skype or Facetime.

We can start with a free 30-minute telephone consultation. Call 416-825-7496 or email info@avicraimer.com to set up a time.