Meditation Teaching

I offer clients a chance to establish a meditation practice that facilitates greater awareness, concentration, and psychosomatic integration. I give you clear meditation instructions you can actually follow based on your goals for your practice and my first-hand experience of what works. My approach to meditation is broad and pragmatic drawing on techniques from a number of traditions including Theravada Buddhism, Judaism, Yoga, Western Esotericism, Jungian psychology, and even some cognitive-behavioral psychology. Human consciousness is an enormous playground filled with cool stuff for those adventurous enough to explore it and the process of learning to meditate is fun, creative, and endlessly fascinating.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Greater comfort with emotions, thoughts, and perceptions.
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced perceptual and creative abilities
  • Enhanced ability to focus on a chosen task
  • Deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • Generate and receive abundant unconditional love and acceptance
  • Experience states of unlimited pleasure, joy, and peace
  • Live a more purposeful life
  • Receive intuitive guidance
  • Profound emotional and somatic healing
  • Have fun learning crazy cool mind skills that most people don’t even know exist

Why is it helpful to work with a meditation teacher?

  • Overcome the obstacles in starting a meditation practice
  • Clear explanations of the techniques in non-mystifying language
  • Subtle hints and suggestions that facilitate breakthroughs in your practice
  • Separation of the practical meditation techniques from the dogmatic teachings with which they are traditionally taught
  • Support and guidance should you become confused about what is happening in your practice or if you encounter challenging, unpleasant, or upsetting experiences in your practice

Some of the types of meditation I teach

Insight Meditation is the practice of profound present sensory awareness (also called mindfulness meditation or vipassana). This practice leads to greater clarity, acceptance, and integration of experience. It helps us reduce stress, access emotions, and increase our creativity. Ultimately, this path can lead to the attainment of the stages of enlightenment described in the Buddhist tradition and elsewhere.

Concentration Meditation is the conscious control of the mind to create specific mental states. Concentration practice allows us to experience temporary states of unlimited pleasure, joy, peace, and love. The strong and subtle mental focus we develop through concentration meditation also gives us the ability to more powerfully manifest our intentions in the world. In addition, strong concentration greatly accelerates the development of Insight and Transformational Practices.

Transformational Meditation is a process of discovery, healing, growth, and empowerment. It invites us to go deeply into the substance of who we are as unique individuals and cultivate our strengths. Through transformational meditation we learn about ourselves, heal our wounds, recover our special gifts, and articulate a compelling purpose by which to live our lives. These practices include shamanic journeying, inner child work, healing visualizations, archetypal integration, sacred geometry, crystal healing, and more.