About Me

Avi Craimer is a modern day mystic, philosopher, meditation teacher and spiritual director. After earning two master’s degrees in philosophy from the University of British Columbia and Georgetown University, Avi completed his professional training in spiritual direction from the Transformational Arts College. Since then, Avi has helped clients of many different faith backgrounds and spiritual belief systems to establish or deepen life-enhancing spiritual practices. He is a founding member of the Board of Directors of the Consciousness Explorers Club and currently serves on their executive board as the Director of Research and Education.

For his work as a post-religious spiritual director, Avi was awarded in 2015 with the New Contemplatives Prize by Spiritual Directors International. He has also been invited to deliver public lectures on spiritual practice at Consciousness Hackers Toronto and The Limmud Toronto Jewish Learning Conference. Avi has also taught meditation for young people, delivering an 8-week school based mindfulness curriculum for elementary school students based on his training in the Mindful Schools Curriculum.

Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a form of one-on-one spiritual mentorship with a long history of helping people to deepen in their spiritual life. Despite the unfortunately bossy sounding implication of the term “spiritual director,” it is always you, the client, who sets the priorities each session. Most sessions will be some combination of spiritual dialogue and guided practice. We start by clarifying and evaluating where you are at and what you would like to work towards. Then we do some actual practice together based on what we identified in the dialogue. By doing spiritual practice with a spiritual guide in a private one-on-one setting you are able to receive expert real-time guidance based on what is happening moment-by-moment in your inner experience. This is one thing that makes spiritual direction different than a meditation group or prayer service. While group spiritual practice is wonderful for tapping into the power and support of community, one-on-one direction can be much more targeted and effective for bringing you toward breakthroughs in your practice.

Meditation Teaching

I offer clients a chance to establish a meditation practice that facilitates greater awareness, concentration, and psychosomatic integration. I give you clear meditation instructions you can actually follow based on your goals for your practice and my first-hand experience of what works. My approach to meditation is broad and pragmatic drawing on techniques from a number of traditions including Theravada Buddhism, Judaism, Yoga, Western Esotericism, Jungian psychology, and even some cognitive-behavioral psychology. Human consciousness is an enormous playground filled with cool stuff for those adventurous enough to explore it and the process of learning to meditate is fun, creative, and endlessly fascinating.